The Art Warrior

An ongoing monthly comic about a renegade cosmic ninja who sets out on a journey to take back the control of the universe from extremist beasts of light and dark. The ninja hops thoughout the universe using paintbrush nunchucks to fight for a more colorful tomorrow. Each issue is 8 full color pages long. Click here to purchase the newest issue of the Art Warrior.

Taxi for the City Styx

An undead taxi driver and his living car are tasked with the job of driving supernatural clients around the city. So take a seat and buckle up for a weird adrenaline fueled ride a comic. Click Here to read the entire first issue for free.

Full color ongoing sereis self published in 2018

Skraggs Mini-Comic

Skraggs is a collection of two mini comics. The first comic is about an american soldier in WWII who is transported to a fantasy land to stop an evil  bird eating machine. The second comic, called the Possession, is about an old priest who must get past a security gaurd to perform an exorcism on his boss. Click Here to read the complete comic.

36 pages, full color, self published in 2017.

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